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Website for the Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury

Phoebus have recently finished the entire restructuring and redesign of the Faculty Office website.

The Faculty Office has its origins in the Ecclesiastical Licences Act 1533. and is presided over by the Master of the Faculties and its day to day administration is the responsibility of the Registrar.

The functions of the Faculty Office extend to both England and Wales (and, in the case of Notaries, further afield).  Those functions are now threefold: the issue of Special Marriage Licences, the regulation of the Notarial profession and the legal work for the awarding by the Archbishop of “Lambeth” Degrees.

Phoebus created an entirely new architecture to ensure that the key audiences have the best possible experience, finding all the key information and processes they need through logical navigation. There is also a back end database linked to a key search function enabling the user to find their local Notaries and the languages they speak.

The Feed back has been very positive

“I’m really pleased with the work that’s been done. It’s looking excellent.”

“Thank you for including me in the consultation over the new website. I think it looks absolutely fantastic. It is modern, bright and easy to navigate. The use of colours for the different sections of the site is good and easy to distinguish.”

“I really commend your website designers – it is SO much better than the current website!”

“I am extremely impressed with the new format.”