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Tethys Petroleum reveals new logo, brand identity and launch of a new website.

The release of Tethys Petroleum global corporate identity and website marks a significant milestone. It embodies the recent process of change within Tethys Petroleum and illustrates their vision and ambition for the future.

The new corporate identity presents Tethys Petroleum as a contemporary, transparent business with great prospects over the coming years. The logo symbolises the values of the new Tethys Petroleum; pure and simple typography coupled with a distinctive mark uniting geology with energy.

The website gives immediate access to relevant information for the investment community, existing shareholders and major customers.

The site highlights its’ geographical location, being at the cross roads of the developing world and presents key facts and figures across their licence areas with excellent reports and prospects.

“We are excited and committed to help Tethys Petroleum establish their new brand and strengthen their position in the oil and gas market.”

David Nason